Our products are what set us apart from the rest of the Bath & Body industry. Where many will find all sorts of artificial fragrances, chemicals, and dyes in products purchased from other companies, in ours, you will not. We strive to create fun, vibrant, and exciting products while using natural ingredients. We don't believe that following an "All Natural" philosophy means that we can't have fun and exciting products.

  • All of our fragrances come from Essential Oils
  • All of our colors come from either Plant Powders, Botanical Powders, Fruit or Vegetable Purees, Clays, or a Mineral Powder called "Mica".
  • While we use Mica powder in some of our bath bombs to give them a more vibrant and fun color, we do not use any chemical emulsifier in them to disperse the color in the water. This means that some of our bath bombs might leave a color residue in your bath tub. But don't fret! It washes easily with soap!
  • We use only Plant Based oils in our soaps, and our soaps are 100% Vegan.
  • We are a 100% Palm Oil Free brand, as we do not want to contribute to the deforestation effects that the harvesting of Palm Oil creates.

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